About Michael Newberry

Facing the WorldI grew up on the beach in Southern California and started painting at 11 years old. The experience of painting was and is amazing. I had one great art professor, Edgar Ewing, a very talented, wise, and happy man. Since college, I have managed to paint every day through thick and thin.

My artworks are the answers to questions about humanity, depth, sight, joy, sexuality, our purpose as humans, and evolution. The queries are endless and I have been blessed to be able to paint anything that occurs to me.

My career has been moderately successful. I have shown in Athens, Rome, Manhattan, Los Angeles, and several other cities. Critical acclaim has been rare, but there have always been a few people that have loved or cried seeing a work. There are not enough thanks for that.

Motivation comes very easy though I am not sure where it comes from. Intense feelings? The act of creation? Or from what it means to be an artist?

Now I am in a state of flow, painting almost as fast as I can think of them.